Puri Saren Ubud ( Ubud Palace ) - Everithing You Need To Know Before Visit

Royal Palace in Ubud offers a variety of intriguing and distinctive sights to v…


Puri Saren Ubud ( Ubud Palace ) - Everithing You Need To Know Before Visit

Wednesday 23 November 2022

 You should visit the Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung Ubud), one of the city's highlights. During your trip to Bali, the Royal Palace in Ubud offers a variety of intriguing and distinctive sights to view. Additionally, many visitors to Ubud, Bali, who are on holiday appreciate the Ubud Royal Palace. As a result, a lot of travel companies provide vacation packages that include a stop at Puri Saren Palace in Ubud.

Puri Saren Ubud
Puri Saren Ubud

Therefore, if you're interested in going to the Ubud Royal Palace with your family or friends while on vacation in Bali, keep reading. Due to the information we provided on the Puri Saren Palace Ubud travel guide, you now know that:

Table of contents

  • Brief History of Ubud.  
  • Ubud's royal palace history
  • Travel in Ubud: A History.
  • Saren Puri Agung General information about Ubud.
  • Position of Puri Saren Agung on a map.
  • Entrance Fee, Hours of Operation, Dance Schedule, and Dress Code for Ubud Royal Palace.


Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Puri saren ubud

Short History of Ubud

Because a historical record was written on palm leaves and tells the story of the saint of Hindu originators from India, it is possible to trace Ubud's history back to the beginning of the eighth century. Rsi Markandeya is his name.

Rsi Markandeya first visited the island of Java before traveling to Bali. A revelation that there are five different types of metal with exceptional magical power at the base of Mount Agung Besakih Bali came to Rsi Markandeya while he was in Java. The greatest temple in Bali, known as the Besakih temple, is currently the location of five metals with extraordinary magical power.

Influence of Rsi Markandeya

When Rsi Markandeya was in Bali, he experienced strong energy in the Campuhan Ubud neighborhood, which is now home to Gunung Lebah Temple. While he was in Bali, Rsi Markandeya also constructed a number of temples throughout the island. Along with terracing systems, Rsi Markandeya also brought irrigation systems for agriculture to Bali.

Industrial System

In Bali, rice is still grown using the agricultural technique. As a result, there are lots of rice terraces to see in Bali when you go on a trip. For your information, you should go to the following location if you wish to observe a sizable area of rice fields in Bali with platforms:

  1. Rice Terrace Jatiluwih in the Tabanan region.
  2. Ubud's Tegalalang rice terrace.

System of Banjar

In addition to educating about irrigation systems, Rsi Markandeya also covers the Balinese Banjar system, which is in charge of activities related to religion and regional customs. All parts of Bali are still using the Banjar system as of right now.

Since Rsi Markandeya announced in the eighth century that the region of Campuhan Ubud contained divine and lofty energy, the Balinese people have held this region in high regard for its spiritual strength.

Ubud: What Does It Mean?

Ubud's name derives from the Balinese word "Ubad," which means "medicine" in that language. Due to the presence of numerous medicinal plants for use in conventional medical treatments at the time, Campuhan Ubud was surrounded by them.

History of Ubud Royal Palace

Massive migration of Javanese nobility from Java to Bali island took place in the 15th century, during the time of the fall of the Majapahit Kingdom. Then, in Klungkung district, a small area situated in Bali's southeast, the Javanese noble founds the Gelgel Kingdom.

Gelgel kingdom established small royal palaces around Bali in the 17th century, including Sukawati royal palace, which was one of them.

The prince of the Gelgel Kingdom was sent to the Sukawati village region. to erect a magnificent royal residence with the goal of consolidating control in the Gianyar region. Many Balinese artists were sent to the Sukawati region to help with the castle construction while the Sukawati royal palace was being built. Many of the artists decided to remain in Sukawati when the construction of the castle there was finished. As a result, the Sukawati region developed into Bali's epicenter of magnificent art up until this point. such as Balinese art music, painting, sculpture, and dance.

Sukawati Empire

A Sukawati palace was successfully constructed at the end of the 17th century. To protect the area around Ubud from ongoing strife, Sukawati King dispatched his warriors, led by his two brothers. Two cousins are at odds in the fight that took place in Ubud around the end of the 17th century. One is in the Monkey Forest Ubud neighborhood, which is in the Padang Tegal section of Ubud. The other is in Ubud Park, which is in Padang Tegal Ubud's northern region.

Tjokorde Ngurah Tabanan, the brother of Sukawati King, was banished to the Peliatan neighborhood of Ubud. Tjokorde Tangkeban, another brother, was transported to Sambahan Ubud.

The two Sukawati brothers then constructed palaces in each of their chosen locations with the intention of securing the Ubud region. Following Tjokorde Ngurah Tabanan's founding of the kingdom in Peliatan Ubud, King Mengwi assisted Tjokorde Ngurah Tabanan in populating the region around Ubud. The Ubud economy started to expand as the city's population grew.

European Colonial

The Dutch started colonizing Bali in the nineteenth century. Some kingdoms, like the kingdom of Mengwi, are dissatisfied with the Dutch presence there. Dutch ingenuity was able to incite long-time adversaries of the Mengwi kingdom to form alliances and attack it. The Mengwi Empire suffered from lethargic exhaustion as a result of numerous foes attacking it, which led the royal coalition kingdom to partition their domain.

Finally, in the early 19th century, the Dutch government started meddling in the political affairs of Bali. by launching an assault on the kingdoms of Badung, Buleleng, and Klungkung. This led to the major conflict, which is widely known in Bali as Puputan.

early in the twenty-first century, when Tjokorde Gede Raka Sukawati was in power. Ubud's neighborhood evolved into a branch of Sukawati. Ubud joined Gianyar regency as a subdistrict in 1981. through the encirclement of the villages of Tegallalang, Peliatan, Mas, and Kedewatan.

Ubud Tourism Background

Many international visitors flocked to Bali in the early 1930s, mostly to the Ubud region. Why just Ubud? owing to the fluency in English and Dutch of Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati, the brother of Raja Sukawati and ruler of Ubud. Additionally, the Ubud King demonstrated his financial acumen by developing guest homes for visitors to stay in while visiting Ubud.

The brother of the Ubud King, King Sukawati, is a key player in the growth of Ubud's tourism industry. Walter Spiers, a painter, was granted a residence permit by King Sukawati.

Through his paintings, Walter Spiers started a trend and persuaded other international painters to settle in Ubud. The paintings that are reinterpreted to represent life in Ubud are displayed at foreign art exhibitions. As a result, Ubud gains international recognition.

A painting association is founded by Tjokorde Gede Agung, the monarch of Ubud, Walter Spies, and Rudolf Bonnet. In addition, other neighborhood artists by the moniker of Pita Maha assisted. This painting association's objectives are to bring together Balinese artists and instruct young people in the Ubud region in the fine skills of painting. As a result, Ubud, Bali, has until now served as the island's main art museum hub. Among the Ubud art museums are:

  1. Ubud's Arma Museum.
  2. Ubud's Puri Lukisan Museum.

General Information about Puri Saren Agung and Ubud Palace

Puri Saren Agung Ubud is the home of Ubud's royal family and King (Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati). Puri Saren Agung is situated in the heart of Ubud. In order to view Puri Saren Agung Ubud Palace's location on a Google Map, kindly click the link!

The Ubud Royal Palace is now a popular tourist site. Balinese dance performances, like the Barong Ubud dance, were presented at the Royal Palace in Ubud almost every night. A tiny food stall serving traditional Balinese cuisine, such as suckling pig, is located across the street from Ubud Palace. The restaurant is called Babi Guling Ibu Oka Ubud.

Therefore, the best option is to utilize a taximeter if you select a hotel in the Ubud area and are interested in visiting the Ubud Royal Palace. In Ubud, it is simple for you to locate a taxi meter.

However, utilizing a taximeter will undoubtedly increase the cost of your transportation if you do not stay in Ubud. Therefore, we advise either hiring a driver or not hiring a driver for your Bali car hire.

Entry/Admission Fee, Hours of Operation, and Attire Ubud Royal Palace

How much does it cost to enter the Ubud Royal Palace? The Ubud Royal Palace does not charge an entrance fee, thus everyone is welcome to visit.

How about the attire? When approaching the palace grounds, the majority of people are wearing shorts and sandals. As a result, there is no set attire requirement. It is also OK to wear a sarong.

What time does Ubud Palace formally close to visitors? regarding the opening times of 9:00–18:00. During open hours, anyone is invited to enter the Ubud Palace for free.

Schedule for Ubud Royal Palace Dances 

Admission Fee Legong Dance:

The cost of a dance performance is IDR 100.000 per participant.

Dance performance time begins at 19:30.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the transportation options to get Puri Saren Ubud?

To get around in Bali, you can use various transportation options such as the following; 

  1. Trans Sarbagita bus 
  2. Kura-Kura Bus, 
  3. Komotra shuttle bus
  4. conventional taxis.

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