Things To Do in Ubud Bali - The Best of Ubud, Bali

Things To Do in Ubud Bali - The Best of Ubud, Bali
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Friday 11 November 2022

Known as the heart of Balinese art and culture, Ubud has a million charms that will make anyone fall in love. Whether you are visiting alone, or on vacation with your family, without having to travel far, in Ubud you will find many interesting tourist attractions with a variety of activities for everyone.

 From various exotic temples, popular yoga spots, cafes with spectacular views, to art galleries you can find in this small town located in the highlands. Yes, in addition to hidden beaches, there are many more hidden treasures in Bali that are ready to be explored and visited, especially for those of you who are interested in unusual tourist spots.

 So what are you waiting for, get ready to reveal some of the tourist attractions in Ubud that not many people know.

1. D'Tukad River Club, Tegenungan Waterfall

Source : D'tukad River Club

 Bali is indeed famous for its cool beachside clubs, but did you know that now there is also a 'jungle club' that offers a completely different atmosphere?

 D'Tukad River Club is a new hangout place that carries the concept of a tree house and is located right above Tegenungan Waterfall. You just have to climb a few steps to be able to enjoy the splendor of the waterfall from up here!

 Generally, visitors who come spend their time in the terraced swimming pool here while enjoying the cocktails and various snacks provided. In addition, you can also relax on the unique bamboo terrace area or play on the swing while taking pictures

 2. Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar

Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar
Source : Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar

 There's nothing more fun than relaxing with friends (or partner) in a place free from noisy children running around.

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Just go to Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar to get that relaxed atmosphere. The concept of this place is very similar to the beach club commonly found in Bali, only there is no beach here, but shady trees in the Oos River Valley that can be enjoyed from the three-story swimming pool!

 3. Zen Hideaway

Source : google - iwayan krisna yuda

 Located in a traditional Balinese village about 20 minutes from the center of Ubud, this accommodation offers a stay that is second to none, because as far as the eye can see, all you can see is the Ayung River, waterfalls, rice fields, and the majestic Mount Agung.

 Made of 150 years old teak wood, Zen Hideaway is deliberately designed for those of you who want to fill your vacation with tranquility and peace while breathing in the fresh Ubud air, because almost all of the rooms are semi-open.

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 Because it is located in the middle of a genuine village, you can also interact directly with local residents and even see their daily activities, such as farming, practicing dance, or performing traditional ceremonies. This is just the name of authentic Bali! You can also take a walk to the river or waterfall to play water through private access.

 But the most spectacular thing that you won't find anywhere else is a swing that hangs between the trunks of coconut trees, right on the side of the hill with a panoramic view of the Ayung River below you. Thrilling and addictive at the same time!

4. Green Kubu Cafe

Source : Green Kubu Cafe

 Want to enjoy a true back-to-nature atmosphere while eating a delicious lunch? Come with us to the fields!

 Offering a green view as far as the eye can see, Green Kubu CafĂ© is guaranteed to be no less fun than La Plancha, because here you and your partner can also relax in colorful bean bags under the shade of beautiful Balinese decorative umbrellas. Romantic, right?

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 Although the view is the main attraction, that doesn't mean the food is just that. Try their signature Fried Rice or Mie Goreng, it's really kicking! Still not full? How about ordering the spicy roasted corn. This cafe also has a pretty thrilling swing (Kubu Swing), so between lunches you can take time to take pictures here to show off on Instagram.

 5.Folk Pool & Gardens

Folk Pool & Gardens
Source :  Folk Pool & Gardens

 Swimming fun on the Island of the Gods doesn't just have to be on the beach, you can try swimming with a different atmosphere at the Folk Pool & Gardens Ubud.

 Here, you can dine while swimming. The interior design of this tourist spot is simple but quite interesting. Around the pool there are several beautiful gazebos with a capacity of 4 people complete with soft beds where you can relax or even dine.

Source :  Folk Pool & Gardens

 If you are lazy to swim, you can also come to just stretch your legs while enjoying the surrounding scenery, the other side of Bali. Wow, the feeling of tiredness after walking around Ubud can immediately disappear!

 Another interesting thing, here there is also a Popcorn Club event, where visitors are invited to watch movies together in an open garden by the pool.

 6. The Sayan House

The Sayan House
Source : The Sayan House

 This beautiful dining place that is directly opposite the Ayung River is quite famous as a location for holding private events or receptions.

 The Sayan House is the best place to be at one with nature. From the view of the forest, green rice fields and water flowing fast in the Ayung River, all can be seen here.

The Sayan House
Source : The Sayan House


 Enjoy a romantic dinner with loved ones while watching the beautiful sunset behind the hill. Or install lights on the trees to create a fairy tale wedding atmosphere.

The Sayan House
Source : The Sayan House

 In terms of food, The Sayan House serves a variety of contemporary menus as well as Asian dishes that are certainly delicious.

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 Try their Crispy King Prawn & Avocado Maki as well as their Salmon Carpaccio! There is also a unique menu such as Sushi Babi Guling. If you like trying new foods, you won't be disappointed here.

7. Swept Away

Swept Away
Source : Google - Swept Away

 Let's get back to nature with a relaxing atmosphere and a soul-refreshing experience. With a beautiful wooden deck by the river, it creates a calm atmosphere for you to dine at Samaya Ubud.

 Feel the stress that has been whacked away by the ripples of the river water that wet your feet. The towering coconut trees and lush vegetation there will make you feel like you are in a world of your own.

Swept Away
Source : Google - Swept Away

 You can visit just for a cold beer or lunch, of course you should try their signature Asian Tapas. This variety of delicious food in small portions creates an amazing culinary experience.

 It's only when it gets dark that you realize how quickly time flies by spending time relaxing by the river. But don't rush home, order another cocktail and take a peek at their dinner menu!

Swept Away
Source : Google - Swept Away

 Swept Away comes alive at night with 100 candles that light up when it gets dark. The view of the river is even more beautiful with these candles, creating a very special atmosphere.

 Don't just be amazed by the comfortable-looking deck and furniture in their lounge, Swept Away also serves a variety of extraordinary menus that are ready to satisfy anyone.

 Sit back and rest in peace, let the stress wash away here at Swept Away.

 8. Maha Restaurant

Maha Restaurant
Source : Google - Maha Restaurant

 After being satisfied with shopping for souvenirs, it's time to stop by to refuel the body, aka eat! Our recommendation is Maha Restaurant which is known as an attractive and comfortable family restaurant.

 The atmosphere of the dining area in the form of a beautiful garden plus the fun of playing with rabbits will certainly be a special experience for you.

Maha Restaurant
Source : Google - Maha Restaurant

 As a complement to the large garden area, Maha Restaurant also provides several rabbits. Eits, not to be eaten, you know, these rabbits are deliberately released freely to accompany you to play. As a result, visitors are free to play with the rabbits.

 Most visitors were so entertained by the presence of the rabbits. What's more, you can also try feeding the rabbit. Talking about the menu, you can find various types of food here.

 9. Pomegranate Cafe

Pomegranate Cafe
Source : Google - Dian Dian

 You know that holidays in Bali are not just beaches and fun, right?

 Who says we can't find peace in Bali? Just imagine the rice swaying in the rice fields accompanying you while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon. That's what you'll find at Pomegranate, a cafe owned by a Japanese brother and sister that has been operating since 2012.

 From Pomegranate you will be able to see rice fields and fields in Ubud with a 360° view that stretches to the Campuhan River.

Pomegranate Cafe
Source : Google - C Marais

 If you come in the morning, you can even see the majestic Mount Agung in the north and Mount Batukaru in the northwest.

 At night, you will be greeted by hundreds of fireflies and the twinkling lights of people's houses in the distance.

 Remember to bring a flashlight if you plan to go there at night, as you will be traveling through a small dirt road between rice fields without any lighting.

 10. Bali Adventure Rafting

 By the Balinese people, the Ayung River is considered sacred and used as a source of life, but for visitors, activities on the river with this spectacular view is a very memorable experience.

ayung rafting

 While walking along the river that crosses this forest, what you can see on your right and left is a charming wild atmosphere, as well as a very beautiful waterfall panorama. Along the way you will be accompanied by monkeys hanging from tree branches and the melodious chirping of various wild birds.

 If you are a fan of adrenaline-pumping activities, then the 45 rapids on the Ayung River will certainly keep you entertained.

 No need to worry about trying this challenge, because beforehand you will be given a briefing on safety and health, helmets, and life jackets. Plus, the guide will accompany you along the way.

 After rafting as far as 9.6km with a travel time of about 2 hours, you can immediately clean yourself with warm water and clean towels in the locker room provided. After that, get ready to eat a delicious buffet menu at the restaurant located at Bali Adventure Rafting while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the mountains and the expanse of rice fields.

 How, interested in trying it? Don't forget a waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone so you can capture this special moment!

 11. Tegallalang Rice Fields

 One of the most recognizable things about Ubud is definitely the beautiful and charming terraced rice fields. Therefore, don't miss a visit to this one place!

 No need to rush, just enjoy your afternoon by taking a leisurely walk on the rice fields while watching the farmers harvest and cultivate their fields.

 This serene and peaceful expanse of rice fields will certainly make your mood calmer and make you forget all the problems that come your way.

 If you are confused about which terraced rice fields to visit, we recommend you to Tegallalang which is located north of Ubud. The view of the terrace which is right on the hillside displays a truly stunning and amazing panorama.

 12. Studio Perak Celuk village

celuk village
Source : UC Silver Bali

 Are you a lover of silver jewelry collections? Have you ever thought about trying to make your own? Yes, at the Silver Studio in Celuj you can not only buy silver as a souvenir, but you can also take crash courses directly from the experts.

 Interestingly, the business and the idea for this silver making course belong to local residents who have been creating contemporary art inspired by nature.

 Here you can learn to combine silver jewelry and precious stones with traditional techniques. Fun huh? There are two classes every day, which is between 09.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 17.00.

13. Campuhan Ridge Walk

campuhan rigde walk

 With a unique landscape, Campuhan Ridge Walk is a short path through rice fields, traditional huts and beautiful villas with a very romantic atmosphere.

 The right time to visit this place is in the morning (preferably before sunrise) so that you avoid the scorching sun that is quite hot during the day.

 Not infrequently you will also meet some butterflies on the 2-3km long path. And before going home, take the time to rest for a while at Karsa Kafe. Restore your energy and don't forget to drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated.

14. Yoga Barn

Source : Yoga Barn

 Ubud is known as one of the 10 best places in the world to do yoga.  Therefore, while you are here, there is nothing wrong if you take the time to restore energy and calm your mind with yoga.

Source : Yoga Barn


 The atmosphere of this city does feel very spiritual, with the establishment of many healthy cafes, as well as expanses of rice fields everywhere making the mood more cool.  One of the best locations to do yoga activities in Ubud is Yoga Barn.

Source : Yoga Barn


 The yoga studio here is designed in such a way without leaving the unique Balinese tradition.  In addition to recovery, yoga can also restore positive energy to your body and soul.  Yoga Barn offers regular classes, workshops, or meditation exercises tailored to your personality and goals.

15. Ubud Water Palace (Taman Saraswati Temple)

 The uniqueness of Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud is that there are lotus ponds to the right and left of the entrance bridge leading to the main temple.

 You can be sure that Taman Saraswati Temple will look more beautiful when the lotus flowers in this pond bloom. Not only can you admire the beauty of the pond, the architectural details in this temple are also so alluring.

 Just look at how intricate each carving and stone carving is here. Starting from the statue of the dragon guarding the bridge, to the ornaments on the main building.

16 Silver Class ( Artika Silver )

Source : artika silver

 Are you a lover of silver jewelry collections? Have you ever thought about trying to make your own? Yes, at the Silver Studio on Celuk Village, you can not only buy silver to be used as souvenirs, but you can also take crash courses directly from the experts.

Source : artika silver

 Here you can learn to combine silver jewelry and precious stones with traditional techniques. Fun huh? There are classes every day start 08.00am - 08.00pm

Source : artika silver

 Just pay IDR 650,000, you can get 10 grams of silver to be processed. It could be three rings, or one ring and a pair of earrings, or a ring and bracelet. Pretty good, right?

 But if you feel you are not talented at making silver jewelry, here are also sold various finished products that you can buy at quite affordable prices.

16. Green Village Bali

Source : Green Village

 Yes, we know that most villages in Bali are indeed green because of the many rice fields here and there, but this one is really special.

 The Green Village was founded in 2006 by jewelery designer John Hardy before being taken over by the princess. The result? A number of cool buildings made of bamboo that seem to blend with the nature around the Ayung Valley.

Source : Green Village

 Have you ever imagined a big house made entirely of bamboo? You have to see it in person to believe it.

 Join a tour around the village to learn more about this eco-project. Visit a bamboo workshop where you can see bamboo being cut down, processed in such a way, and then made into various building materials and furniture.

Source : Green Village

 In this complex there is also a Green School where you can take part in workshops and various other environmental-themed activities.

 Love farming and want to know all the tips and tricks in gardening? Stop by Kul Kul Farm to learn about permaculture and sustainable agriculture.

 You can also stay in one of the beautiful bamboo houses here. All of them can be rented throughout the week so you can feel the sensation of waking up in the beautiful countryside every day.

17. Tegenungan Waterfall

 Among some of the most refreshing tourist attractions in Bali, Tegenungan Waterfall is one of our favorites. Lush green trees and endless streams of cool, refreshing water make this beautiful place well worth a visit.

 And if you want to explore the surrounding area, near this waterfall there is a temple and bathing place to relax and enjoy nature.

18. Telaga Singha

Telaga Singha
Source : Google - Telaga Singha

An opulent retreat from modern life into a tropical river pool club with a world-class facility to savor the real flavors of Indonesian cuisine, phenomenally designed infinity two swimming pools overlooking the picturesque riverside views, swim-up pool bar, signature spa treatments, love rituals, custom-designed layout meeting spaces to host events of any kind, and a sizable parking area.

Strategically situated in the community of Singapadu, south of Ubud, which is well-known as the center for sandstone carvings in Balinese visual art. The distance to Bali's Ngurah Rai Denpasar airport is only one hour by car.

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