Tanah Lot Temple - The Beauty and Uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple

The beauty and uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple will not be found anywhere else. …


Tanah Lot Temple - The Beauty and Uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple

Thursday 4 April 2024

 Tanah Lot Temple is a favorite tourist destination in Bali because of its beauty and uniqueness. This temple has become an icon of the island of Bali and is an important temple for the Hindu community in Bali.


 Tanah Lot Temple is located on the shoreline on a large rock. If the sea is receding, visitors can set foot near the temple which is sacred by Balinese Hindus. Because of its location on the coast, around Tanah Lot there is a small cave so that it becomes a place for a tame snake which is said to be an animal belonging to a god to keep Tanah Lot pure.

 Tourists flock to Tanah Lot, apart from its beauty, this tour is famous for its cultural density and religious aspects that have been inherent since the first.

The Beauty and Uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple

 The beauty and uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple will not be found anywhere else. This is because there are two temples that are on a new reef in the middle of the beach.

 If you come at high tide, you will see the temple as if floating above the sea. But you come when the ocean is receding, you will see a large temple that is on a rock.

 Not only famous for tourism that is thick with spiritual and cultural values, this temple is the best spot in Bali to enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

 In the afternoon, the sky begins to turn golden yellow with a panoramic view of the temple in the middle of the beach and calm waves.

 In addition, you can enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the rocks around the Tanah Lot area. However, the Tanah Lot area cannot be used for swimming because there are rocks on the beach side.

 Another uniqueness in Tanah Lot Temple is the existence of a small cave around the Tanah Lot area which is the abode of the sacred snakes. Although snakes are the most dangerous snakes even more so than cobras, these snakes will not attack visitors.

Even visitors can pet this snake with the assistance of a guard. Even visitors can make requests while stroking the snake.



History of Tanah Lot

 The history of Tanah Lot Temple involves a legend in the 15th century, namely Bhagawan Dang Hyang Nirata or Dang Hyang Dwijendra who was then on a mission to spread Hinduism from Java to the island of Bali.

 Dang Hyang's mission went well because King Dalem Waturenggong who was the leader of the island of Bali at that time welcomed his arrival well.

 Long story short, Dang Hyang decided to make the village of Braban a place for the location of a holy temple for the sea god. However, Dang Hyang's mission was opposed by the Bendesa Braban Sakti who was the leader in the village.

 Several attempts by the Bendesa Braban Sakti tried to expel Dang Hyang from his meditation place which was on a rock that resembled a parrot.

 But because of his supernatural powers, Dang Hyang then moved him to the middle of the beach using spiritual power. The rock is called Tanah Lot which means rock in the middle of the sea.

Location of Tanah Lot Temple

 Tanah Lot Temple is located in Tabanan district, precisely in Beraban Village, Kediri District, or about 13 km from downtown Tabanan. If you are in KUTA, you have to travel about 45 Minute.

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