Mazon Elephant Park & Lodge Tour

Mazon Elephant Park & Lodge Tour
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Friday 18 November 2022
Mason Elephant Park Ubud and Lodge Tour is the first-class own circle of relatives traveler enchantment in Bali that gives quite a few exciting points of interest, specially the thrilling journey of using an elephant. 

Mazon elephant park ubud
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

 Mason Elephant Park Bali, Enjoy Exciting Travel Experiences Riding ElephantsMason Elephant Park Bali, Enjoy Exciting Travel Experiences Riding Elephants

 Mason Elephant Park is an elephant-themed park.  This park may be stated to be similar to different Elephant Safari Parks in Bali, in which site visitors will discover numerous species of elephants, specially elephant species from Sumatra. 

 This elephant park became inaugurated with the aid of using the Minister of Tourism in 2000 in Gianyar Regency.  One of the elephant species that you could discover is the Sumatran elephant.  Actually, this park became opened 3 years earlier than the inauguration.

Mazon elephant park ubud
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

 Mason Elephant Safari Park has been named a member of the World Zoo Association.  This is prompted due to the fact this elephant park has met global requirements on animal conservation.


Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

Mazon Elephant Park
Source : Instagram @elephantsbali

 This traveler vacation spot could be very crowded with travelers.  Both neighborhood and overseas travelers.  This elephant park has its personal attraction that makes many travelers who come for excursion.

1. Nature and Elephant Theme Park

 One of the points of interest of Mason Park is that it's far a traveler park that has a nature and elephant theme.  You may be invited to journey withinside the wild with one of the icons of Mason Park, specifically the elephant.

 The elephants that you could discover in Mason Park are of the Sumatran elephant species.  However, there are numerous different elephant species that still liven up this Mason park.

2. Elephant World Learning Center

 In the Park Museum there may be additionally a middle for studying approximately the arena of elephants.  In this situation you could find out about the arena of elephants.  Starting from the species, to a way to keep the animals that fall into this endangered category.

3. Elephant Show

 In addition to education, there may be additionally an elephant display right here.  This is meant to entertain the travelers who attend, specially for travelers who include their kids.  The elephant display itself is accomplished with a particular agenda that has been determined.

Address & Route to Mason Elephant Safari Park Lokasi

Location of Mason Elephant Safari Park

This traveler vicinity is placed withinside the northern a part of Ubud.  The precise vicinity is in Tegallalang Village, Gianyar.  Mason Park is open to the general public from eight am to six pm.  To get to Mason Park, there are numerous routes or paths that you could take.

 If you're in Denpasar City, Bali, then the vicinity from Mason Park isn't always far.  You best want to take approximately an hour drive.

 For the ones of you who come from outdoor the town or outdoor the island, you could use a entire vehicle condominium provider and driving force or you could additionally use a taxi to get to this traveler vacation spot.

Mason Elephant Safari Park Entrance Ticket Prices:

 The fee of admission to Mason Park excursions does appear extra highly-priced whilst in comparison to different traveler points of interest.  The front price price tag fee set with the aid of using Mason Park is withinside the variety of IDR 400.000 - IDR 600.000/Person in line with excursion package deal presented.

 With the fee of the doorway price price tag, site visitors can get a excursion package deal consistent with their desires and budget.  You also can excursion Mason Park in your heart's content material whilst looking the elephants with all their sports.  The price price tag fee additionally consists of all of the centers supplied.

 Ticket expenses for kids beneathneath three years variety from a hundred forty five thousand rupiah to one hundred fifty five thousand rupiah.  For kids elderly five to twelve years, tickets are charged with unique expenses, which might be round 360 thousand rupiah to 390 thousand rupiah in line with child.  As for adults, the price price tag fee reaches 530 thousand rupiah to 580 thousand rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at Mason Elephant Park:

 In addition to taking part in all of the herbal splendor that exists on this traveler spot, you could additionally make the effort to do numerous exciting sports at this elephant park together along with your own circle of relatives.

 1. Take a History Tour on the Park Museum
 An exciting interest that you could do right here is to take a ancient excursion on the Park Museum. Here you'll see a duplicate of the maximum entire colossal skeleton withinside the global. Not best that, you'll additionally be invited to find out about elephants on the elephant global studying center.

 2. Interact Directly with Elephants
 In addition to having an academic excursion withinside the shape of an elephant records museum, you could additionally have interaction with elephants at once. Starting from taking snap shots with elephants, using elephants, feeding elephants, to taking part in bathing elephants.

 However, you do not should fear approximately protection while you have interaction at once with the elephants in Mason Park, due to the fact the elephants right here are educated and also are used to the presence of people round them.

 3. Tour the Taro Forest with Elephants
 One of the exciting sports that you could do whilst journeying Mason Elephant Safaro Park Bali is that you could cross across the Taro Forest with the aid of using using an elephant. Here you'll revel in the splendor of the Taro Forest which remains very stunning and herbal.

 In addition to doing thrilling matters with elephants, you could additionally whilst taking part in the panoramic splendor of the Taro Forest which could be very stunning. For the ones of you who're at once interacting with elephants for the primary time, there may be no want to fear. Because all of the elephants in Mason Elephant Safari Park Bali had been educated and are used to the presence of people round them.

 4. Eat Buffet with the aid of using the Lake
 After getting uninterested in interacting with elephants and taking walks round Mason Park, you could revel in a buffet meal at numerous to be had restaurants. This eating place is intentionally constructed at the seashorelines of the lake. The intention is that site visitors can revel in a meal whilst looking the sports of the elephants bathing.

 5. Play Water at Mason Lake
 The elephant display may be persisted with the aid of using looking the elephants being bathed in Mason Lake. Here, pre-site visitors also can have interaction at once with the aid of using bathing the elephants the use of the comb supplied.

Facilities Available at Mason Elephant Safari Park:

 The centers supplied with the aid of using the control of Mason Park are pretty entire. Starting from toilets, prayer rooms, restaurants, elephant shows, to resorts for resting and staying.

 1. Elephant Show

 If you go to this traveler spot, the primary facility that you'll come upon is of direction an elephant display. The elephants withinside the display are, of direction, well-educated and tame. Various appealing may be displayed with the aid of using the elephants right here.

 The elephants are educated to be clever in doing numerous matters, from gambling ball to painting. The elephants right here also are superb at following all orders given with the aid of using the keeper. The elephant display is held in a unique location including the stands at a soccer game.

 If you need to peer this elephant display, you ought to first recognize the agenda of the display. Because now no longer on every occasion the display is completed.

 2. Where to Stay

 The subsequent facility supplied with the aid of using the control of Mason Elephant Park is lodging. Here has supplied a hotel withinside the region of ​​this traveler vicinity. Visitors can hire this lodge.

 This boutique inn offers 27 rooms with precise services for every cottage. Where you'll use elephants as a method of transportation across the lodge or journey to the forest.

 3. Restaurant

 The subsequent facility is a eating place supplied with the aid of using the supervisor alongside the seashorelines of the lake in which the elephants used to play withinside the water and be bathed. Here, site visitors can revel in meals whilst looking the elephants move.

Tourists can pick out numerous menus which have been supplied with the aid of using the eating place. The expenses presented also are pretty varied, adjusted to the menu alternatives you pick out.

 That's approximately nature and elephant-themed traveler points of interest that you could sense in case you are on excursion to Mason Elephant Safari Park Bali. Starting from the enchantment, the centers presented, to the exciting sports that may be completed on this Manson Park. Judging from the opinions above, this traveler vacation spot is certainly very exciting with a purpose to go to.


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