Tirta Empul Temple - History and Admission ticket fee

Tirta Empul Temple - History and Admission ticket fee
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Wednesday 16 November 2022
Bali Vacation - Tirta empul temple is known for its sacred water garden where the water comes from the mountains and is often used for self-cleaning.

According to the story that developed about the story of Pura Tirta Empul in the past, namely the life of a king who had unrivaled power and had a very handsome stature in the area of ​​Bali. The king was named Mayadanawa.

The king is said to have blood from the Daitya lineage or in Balinese society known as a giant from the child of Dewi Danu Batur.King Mayadanawa is indeed very famous for having extraordinary powers. In fact, reportedly quoted from the text of the exposition and the description in the story of the inscription regarding Sang Sara, she can change form.

This change in form will be in accordance with his will, for example he can turn into an animal such as a goat, horse, chicken, or other animal. And can also turn into trees, rocks or other objects. And this king is said to have conquered several areas in the Bali area.

In fact, his power has spread to Sumbawa, Makassar, Bugis, Lombok and also Blambangan. After he succeeded in controlling the area on the island of Bali, then King Mayadanawa became arrogant and arrogant.

He forbade the inhabitants of Bali to worship God. Because he feels that no one is stronger than himself. Until finally, then he asked all the people of Bali to worship him. His decision really made the people of Bali feel very depressed. But they couldn't do anything because they couldn't face the king's troops and also his strength.

Because of this feeling of pressure, the Balinese people are so miserable that the crops they grow never harvest and are always damaged. Even the plague came and spread quickly. To overcome this problem, Mpu Kul Putih then meditated in the Besakih Temple area to ask for guidance from the Divine. And in the end he then got a revelation after a long time meditating there.

The MPU then traveled to India to solve problems in Bali. After that Bhatara Indra came from heaven along with his troops to solve the problem there.

Bhatara Indra then sent Bagawan Naradha who was his best troop to enter and then infiltrate the kingdom of King Mayadanawa. Bagawan Naradha then managed to enter and become a spy and join the royal court of Mayadanawa. King Mayadanawa then received information about the arrival of Bhatara Indra. Then he prepared his best troops to fight against Bhatara Indra.

A terrible battle ensued between the two. The troops from Bhatara excelled and were able to defeat Mayadanawa's troops so that in the end they retreated in an orderly manner. Seeing that his troops were losing, then King Mayadanawa intended to carry out his cunning actions against Bhatara Indra after a ceasefire occurred at night.

When night fell, King Mayadanawa made a poisonous spring which was built near the resting place of Bhatara Indra's troops.
 King Mayadanawa carried out his action by sneaking and tilting his feet when he entered the area so that his footsteps would not be seen by Bhatara Indra's troops.

History of tirta empul

As a result of the actions of King Mayadanawa, many troops from Bhatara Indra were injured and later fell ill after drinking water from a spring that had been poisoned by King Mayadanawa. Bhatara Indra felt cheated, so to cure the illness his troops were suffering from, he finally made a holy spring known as the Tirta Empul Spring.
After his troops drank the Tirta Empul spring, they were finally able to recover. Instantly the troops from Bhatara Indra then returned to attack and chased the troops from King Mayadanawa. King Mayadanawa was shocked and eventually lost.

Then King Mayadanawa intends to hide by turning himself into sandstone. But the god Bhatara Indra already knew his machinations. Bhatara Indra, who was very observant and not easily fooled, finally released his rifle towards the sandstone. And in the end the King Mayadanawa died instantly.

The death of the king did not make the Balinese people disappointed. Those who are predominantly Hindu are actually happy and celebrate the incident as a commemoration of Galungan. This holiday has the meaning of Darma's victory against Adarma.

Galery Tirta empul Temple

Tirta empul temple

Tirta empul temple

Tirta empul temple

Tirta empul temple

Tirta empul temple

Tirta empul temple

Indonesian Presidential Palace - The Tampak Siring Palace

Tirta Empul Temple is also home to the Presidential Palace which was built by President Soekarno, to be exact, built in 1957 – 1960. This presidential palace is used as a resting place for the President when he sets foot on the land of Bali. Its location in the Tampaksiring area makes it often referred to as the Tampak Siring Palace. The construction process of the presidential palace itself is carried out slowly and is divided into several stages.

President Soekarno then appointed architect RM Soedarsono to design the construction of the presidential palace.
The first building that was built was completed in 1957 named Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Yudhistira.

The Tampak Siring Palace itself is still accessible for tourists. And had experienced a reshuffle in 2003 which was intended for the ASEAN Summit XIV Summit. In the process of construction, additional buildings were added to the Tampak Siring Palace area.

The building is then used as a media for conferences and receptions for state guests. The Wantilan Hall, which is in the area of ​​Tampak Siring Palace and Tirta Empul Temple, also underwent renovations to provide an art entertainment area for state guests.

 The initial goal of building the presidential palace was indeed to be a resting place. However, it is not only the resting place for the President, but also for the President's family and state guests.

Tourist attraction - tirta empul temple

 In Bali, there are indeed many temples that offer holy springs which are used to carry out the melukat ceremony (Balinese traditional ceremony). The traditional ceremony is usually held in the area of ​​Tanah Lot Temple and Ponjok Batu Temple. However, the holy spring that is the target of tourists is Tirta Empul which is in the Tirta Empul Temple which is located at the address Manukaya, Tampak Siring, Gianyar. In fact, the location of this holy spring turns out to be the Tirta Empul Temple, not only in the Tampak Siring area, but also in the Ulu Gilimanuk area. The water in the Tirta Empul Temple is usually used for self-purification ceremonies.

Tirta Empul Temple itself has been broken down into three parts, including:

  • Jaba Pura in front
  • Jaba Tengah on the middle side Innards
  •  Jaba Tengah is usually the side of the building that is the busiest part. On this side, there are two open-air baths equipped with 30 showers.
Hindus usually often hold purification rituals in this place. The beauty and story of the long history of Tirta Empul Temple seems to have attracted the US president, Barack Obama and an Arab prince named Fahad to visit Tirta Empul.

The Balinese government itself has also tried hard to make the fame of Tirta Empul Temple known to the world. One of them is by including Tirta Empul on the list of proposed UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1995.

Facility :

  1. Toilet
  2. Food and drink stalls
  3. Parking area
  4. Souvenir shop
  5. Holy spring bathing pool complete with shower
  6.  Luggage storage locker


Tirta Empul is at the address: Jl. Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80552.

Operating Hours

Tirta Empul is open every day from 08.00 – 18.00 WITA.

Price of admission:

Entrance Ticket Price Category
Adult IDR 50.000/person.
Children IDR 25.000/person
Sarong IDR 10.000/person
Car Parking IDR 5.000
Motorcycle Parking IDR 2.000


Every visitor who comes to Tirta Empul Tampak Siring is required to wear a sarong and a scarf tied around the waist.