Gunung Kawi Temple - Admission Ticket and Tips

One of Bali's oldest temples is Gunung Kawi. In reality, there are several …


Gunung Kawi Temple - Admission Ticket and Tips

Tuesday 29 November 2022
One of Bali's oldest temples is Gunung Kawi. In reality, there are several temples located in a wide river valley next to soaring cliffs, rather than just one. The complex's five main funeral shrines, which are carved into a steep rock at its center, are what make the location most well-known. Each temple is more than eight meters tall.

Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple

The original structure was constructed in memory of Udayana, a long-deceased Balinese king. Some historians disagree with this explanation and assert that the site is in honor of his four wives instead of his wife and three boys. Whatever the case, the memorials for King Udayana and his family are only a small portion of a vast temple complex.


Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple
Gunung Kawi Temple

How to Getting Gunung Kawi Temple

In close proximity to the village of Tampaksiring is Gunung Kawi. Northeast of the city, from Ubud, is where the temple is located. The Gunung Kawi has two entrances. Along the main road that runs through Tampaksiring's town center is where you'll find the site's main entrance.

Gunung Kawi's entrance is positioned a short distance from the main road. As soon as you enter the parking lot, you must pay a parking fee IDR 2000 for Scooter and for Car IDR 5000. Then, you must pay an additional IDR 50.000/adult to enter the temple grounds. At the entry to the temple grounds, you are given a white sorong to wear if you don't already have one.

Mount Kawi

A flight of concrete steps must be descended to reach Gunung Kawi. A sequence of mild s-bends line the path as it slowly descends the hill. Between the scores of tiny stores that line the side of the path as you descend the hill, you may occasionally see rice paddies and a forest.

You can see Gunung Kawi as you get to the last store at the foot of the slope. Trees partially obscure the temple. You must adhere to a trail that has been deeply carved out of the cliff. You get your first proper look of the temple when you emerge by the cliff's edge and the trail widens up. It's a beautiful location.

On the opposite side of the swiftly flowing river is where the main portion of the temple complex is situated. You must cross a little stone bridge to reach there. The five main funeral shrines that are carved out of the rock on your left as you cross the bridge are the temple's most stunning feature.

The Crematorium Shrines

It is simple to see why these burial shrines are so well-liked by tourists from the bottom of the cliff. It truly towers over you and has carvings that are unlike anything else you are likely to see in Bali. Being so close to the shrines gives you an appreciation for the amount of time and effort required to chisel them out of the cliff face.

The more contemporary section of Gunung Kawi, which is made up of a network of shrines concealed behind a tiny brick wall, lies to the right of the funerary carvings. Each shrine is constructed in the traditional Balinese manner. Everything is brilliantly painted in yellows, reds, and blues, and the woodwork is exquisitely polished.

A set of rooms carved out of the cliff are accessible by ascending a flight of stairs located behind the brick shrines. It's obvious that making this required a lot of work. Even if there isn't much left to see there, it's intriguing to briefly walk about.

A little shrine is the last place you can see when you visit Gunung Kawi. At the summit of the hill, the shrine is positioned above the temple complex. If you have the energy, it's only a short hike from the bottom and is worth a visit.


Actually, Gunung Kawi is composed of 15 different temples. You could explore the site for a half-day if you have the time. The funerary carvings in the rock are the main draw and the reason why the majority of visitors arrive. Gunung Kawi has a lot to offer tourists, therefore it's unfortunate that the cliff carvings are getting so much attention.


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