Things You Need To Know About Saraswati Temple Before Visiting

The Ubud Saraswati temple is one of Bali's temples, which are holy places f…


Things You Need To Know About Saraswati Temple Before Visiting

Thursday 1 December 2022

Are you now considering taking a holiday to Bali and intend to go to Ubud Bali? If so, I'm certain you have inquiries regarding the top activities in Ubud. One of the major tourist attractions in the Ubud area is the Taman Saraswati Temple. 

Please keep reading if you want to learn more about the Taman Saraswati temple's attractions. You will learn details about Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud, including:

  • Information regarding Ubud's tourism generally.
  • A brief history of Pura Taman Saraswati in Ubud.
  • Attraction at the Taman Saraswati temple in Ubud.
  • the cost of admission.
  • Dance at Saraswati Temple in Ubud.
  • Presentation of the Kecak dance in Pura Taman Saraswati in Ubud.
  • Place of the attractions.

The popularity of Ubud

The popularity of Ubud is rising right now, not just among foreign tourists but also among Indonesian visitors who are very interested in visiting Ubud, Bali.

Intriguing tourist sites, exhilarating holiday activities, gourmet excursions, and spas are all readily available in Ubud. As a result, the majority of visitors to Bali always schedule a trip to Ubud. In addition, Ubud has a large number of hotels, including both luxury and inexpensive lodging.

The Tegalalang rice terrace and the Ubud monkey forest are two examples of natural attractions in Ubud that are popular with tourists. Additionally, Ubud is well-known for being the ideal location for Ayung rafting Ubud, or whitewater rafting excursions.

Ubud is known as the hub of Balinese art and culture in addition to natural tourism. as sculpture, dancing, and many other forms of Balinese art. Because of this, Ubud has a lot of museums dedicated to paintings.

The traditional Balinese dance is one of the Balinese cultural acts that take place daily in Ubud. Aside from the Kecak dance at Bali's Uluwatu temple, Ubud is the greatest place to observe Balinese traditional dance. Taman Saraswati Temple is one of the staging locations for the traditional Balinese dance in Ubud.

Ubud is known for its culinary tourism, offering everything from inexpensive trips to fine dining. Another accolade for Ubud is its reputation as one of Asia's top spa locations. Reflexology, aromatherapy, and massage therapies are all offered at spas.


Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple.
Saraswati Temple.

Saraswati Temple Ubud's history

Mr. I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, a renowned sculpture artist and architect in Bali, is the designer of Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud. However, the Saraswati temple was built at the request of Prince Ubud Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati. Pura Saraswati Park development was underway in 1951 and was finished in 1952. Pura Saraswati, as its name suggests, was created to honor Dewi Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of science.

Attraction at Pura Taman Saraswati in Ubud.

The Ubud Saraswati temple is one of Bali's temples, which are holy places for Hindus. This temple is a place of adoration for Goddess Saraswati, as suggested by its name (Goddess of Knowledge).

Another well-known site in Ubud is the Saraswati temple. You can enter Jalan Kajeng, which is close to Jalan Raya Ubud, to reach the temple's location.

The temple is directly behind the Lotus Café Ubud. This is the ideal location to observe Balinese carving if you enjoy it. Nearly every element of the shrine features carvings created by Ubud artists.

Temple at Lotus Flower Pond

The temple in Ubud, Pura Taman Saraswati, differs slightly from the others in Bali. This temple features perfectly organized water parks and ponds with pink lotus blossoms. As a result, the lotus pond of the Saraswati temple in Ubud becomes its main draw.

There are also frangipani trees lining the pond's border, and a bridge connects the main gate area to the area of the outer temple.

Numerous statues are arranged in a row along the bridge's edge as you cross it. The main gate's three massive doors with gold ornamentation will then catch your attention.

The inner temple area is off-limits to tourists because the only people who are allowed inside are those who are there to pray.

Inner Temple District (Main Area).

A tall wall and a three-meter-tall statue are hidden behind the wall when you enter the inner temple area. The Padmasana shrine is located on the northeastern side.

A sculpture in the form of a turtle that is surrounded by two dragons may be found at the base of the Padmasana shrine.

The majority of visitors to the Saraswati temple attraction will snap pictures with the background of Balinese temple architecture and lotus pond arrangements since the two elements make an ideal backdrop for photography.

Bali's Temple Entrance Regulations

The same rules apply to all Bali temples, and visitors who wish to access the temple area must abide by them. Rules that you must follow in Bali in order to visit the temple grounds include:
  • Temple of Saraswati Wear a sarong and a scarf tied around your waist according to the Ubud dress code. If you forget to wear your sarong, you can rent one at the main entrance.
  • Please do not enter the temple area if you are a woman on your period. Mensurating women are not permitted within the temple, according to signs that are posted on either side of the main entrance.
  • Climbing on a house of worship is prohibited.
  • Littering is not allowed.
  • Avoid using abusive language.

How much is the entrance price to the Taman Saraswati Temple in Ubud because most tourist destinations in Bali demand admission fees?

  1. There is no entrance fee, making it free to visit the Pura Taman Saraswati in Ubud.
  2. However, a ticket for a Balinese dance performance is required if you wish to see the dance, which is often performed in the evening at the Saraswati temple.
  3. The Saraswati temple in Ubud is open from 07:00 till 17:00.

Performance of Balinese Dance at Taman Saraswati Temple

The Bali Kecak dance and the Legong Dance are performed on stage at the Saraswati temple. The stage is surrounded by lotus ponds as well.

Kecak dance
Kecak Dance

The 45-minute Balinese dancing performances begin at 19:30 and last until 20:15. The Saraswati temple currently only hosts its dance performance on Wednesdays with Mahabarata Dance. The Legong dance is performed during the dance presentation on Saturday.

Kecak dance
Kecak Dance

The Taman Saraswati Temple, according to many visitors, is the greatest location to catch Balinese dance performances at night.

Legong Dance
Legong Dance

A admission ticket of IDR 100.000.- per person is required of any visitor who wants to witness a Balinese dancing performance at the Saraswati temple in Ubud. With the employees on duty at the entrance gate, you can purchase dancing tickets.

You can witness Balinese dance performances at Saraswati Temple from Lotus Café without paying admission, in addition to buying tickets for the dance events. You must reserve a table ahead of time and pay a minimum of IDR 200.000 on your dinner.

Schedule for the Kecak Dance at Ubud's Saraswati Temple

There hasn't been a Kecak Dance performance at Taman Saraswati Temple since the Covid Pandemic, but that could change at any time.

The Kecak dance used to perform every Tuesday and Thursday at the Saraswati Temple in Ubud before the pandemic. At 19:30, the Kecak dance performance starts, with tickets costing IDR 100,000 per person. The Kecak dance performance was given by the Sandhi Suara dance troupe.

Location of Attractions

The Saraswati temple is situated in Ubud on Jalan Kajeng. Additionally, Starbucks and the Lotus Cafe are nearby the shrine. Travel time from Kuta Beach in Bali to the Saraswati temple in Ubud is roughly one hour and thirty minutes.

Please utilize Google Maps by clicking the link below to find the temple's location more easily. Click here

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the transportation options to get Saraswati Temple?

To get around in Bali, you can use various transportation options such as the following; 

  • Rental A Scooter ( Explore by Yourself )
  • conventional taxis.
  • Kura-kura Bus

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Recommended Ubud Attractions That Must Be Visited

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace

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Bali waterfall
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Tibumana will fulfill all of your waterfall-chasing fantasies, from the lovely palm tree-lined road leading to it, the well-kept walk through the jungle, or the sound of rushing water before you even see it. 

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